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Boils and Skin Eruptions

As with any rash, this type of skin ailment relates to anger. Boils and skin eruptions go one step further and are trying to address issues of anger over trust that have been stored long and deep within the system. Boils, styes or cysts can also speak to anger from trust issues that have not been resolved and have accumulated within the system. Mistrust can turn into hate. Normally we do not hate a person, but a situation or circumstance. In order to heal these types of imbalances, the anger must be transformed back to trust. The body that holds this type of anger is the lymphatic system of the body.

Dependent upon where the body reveals boils or skin eruptions of this kind will give you an indication of where the issue of trust needs to be looked at. For instance, if boils manifest between the legs on the upper thighs, this may signify that there are areas of mistrust and anger over sexual issues or security issues, such as family, money or job. If a sty develops over an eye, there may be mistrust that has been denied. The eye indicates that it is time for you to see it.

Where symptoms reveal themselves on the body is further language that needs to be understood. The throat is our control center. If we manifest cysts or boils in the throat area, we are speaking to being angry over something we cannot control or anger over someone or something trying to control us. And since the throat is our "Beech" or intolerance center, the flower "Beech" may be just what is needed to help heal these types of cysts.

In order to heal these types of skin eruptions, the emotion of anger must be healed. Use of the correct flower is dependent upon how you were taught to channel your anger. (See section on Healing the Emotions) With people who manifest rashes or skin eruptions, I usually find that they have a number of anger layers stuck in the system. For instance, if I work with someone who has a "Beech" or intolerance layer, as they heal their intolerance, they may begin to feel more anger emerging in the system. The next layer that might reveal itself may be a "Willow" or resentment layer. So once you pick a flower that sounds most like the issue you are dealing with at this moment, you may begin to experience angers that have been buried beneath the most recent layer. Always go with what you are feeling in the moment you are in. Each layer can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to heal it.

Once you begin to heal the emotions associated with the condition, you must also begin to heal the physical body that has created this imbalance for you to look at. It is imperative that the liver and spleen are cleansed which will become blocked when we store anger. In order to do that we must first eliminate the foods that aggravate digestion, including fried food, hydrogenated oils, pork, cow dairy products, city water, artificial ingredients including colors, preservatives and sweeteners, oranges and orange juice as well as caffeine and chocolate.

When someone is dealing with skin eruptions the blood system may need detoxifying as well. A cleansing formula that contains Red Clover and Burdock can help. You should be able to find an herbal cleanser with these two herbs at your local health food store. Michael's Vitamins makes a product called "Blood Detoxifier" that I find helpful. Herb Pharm makes one called Red Clover-Stillingia combination that does a wonderful job for helping cleanse these types of ailments.The tissue salt Silicea is considered the cleanser and eliminator of the body. It helps the body break up accumulations that have become stuck in the system including boils, abscesses, and sties.

I like to recommend a tissue salt called Silicea which acts as a cleanser and eliminator which helps to move toxins that may have built up in the system over time. Silicea is also the main constituent of the hair, skin and nails.

Borage oil, which contains mucilage, can be helpful in the removal of toxins from the body.. of which boils and skin eruptions would fit this description.

To learn more about the flowers that help us heal our angers link to:


dancilhoney said...

I see that I have boil in my face. I started use Boilx
3 times a day as directed and I’ve seen real improvement. It is highly effective.

Anonymous said...

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It appears as if some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen.
Can somebody else please comment and let me know if
this is happening to them as well? This might be a problem with my
internet browser because I've had this happen before.

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Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

I am not seeing a problem with the blog on my end. Hope it is just a technical short term problem for you. Sorry about that!


Vilcsek said...

I have a reoccurring boil on the back of my neck that comes back every few months and growns to almost the size od 1/2 a softball. I usually havecto goto the doctor and have to opened to drain and take antibotics..
I did notice now what I believe to be a tinder spleen as well.
Any ideas for me, I would prefer to not go doctor route this time but the pain from the boil and tinderness/pain from spleen are escalating. .

Kay said...

What do recurring abscesses in the armpit signify?

Anonymous said...

What does it mean if it is on your bottom? I cannot find the root meaning in searching for it, but I do see that it is a common place to have one.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

The bottom is the 1st chakra energy - me.. separate, unique, different from anyone else. If a boil appears there, the anger is concentrated toward the self.

New Hampshire said...

Thank you for sharing this association. Needed to hear this. Blessings.