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Hormonal Imbalances

The hormonal organs hold the emotion of "depression". The physical manifestations of depression include hormonal imbalances, but can also manifest as crying and exhaustion. Clients who have chronic PMS, pre-menopausal, post-menopausal or menopausal symptoms usually hold a layer of depression that needs to be dealt with in the emotional body. There are a number of flowers that help us to heal our states of depression.

One flower that I use often especially for those having a hard time during menopause with hot flashes, night sweats, concentration problems, etc., includes the flower called "Walnut". Walnut is the flower essence that assists us through changes and transitions in life. Menopause is simply a change that each of us has to walk through. How we decide to take that walk may determine how gently we go through the path physically. What I have learned in life is that each time period that I go through is more exciting and unique than the last. I have learned to enjoy it. The truth is, we cannot change that we are going to change. The more positive energy and thoughts we put into the process will help us to create a positive physical environment with which we go through it. The other flowers for depression will be listed below.

Hormonal herbs have been extremely helpful for people experiencing the physical symptoms. For PMS and irregular periods, the herb Chaste Tree Berry is safe and effective. I also use it for teenagers who are trying to balance their periods. Blessed Thistle is also noted to help regulate menstrual cycles. Cramp Bark is an herb that is extremely helpful for those who get severe cramping before and during the menstrual cycle. The tissue salt Magnesium Phosphate may also be helpful in alleviating cramping. Although I have not used it, Juniper Berry is noted to help with menstrual problems.

Black Cohosh is probably the most widely used herb for hormonal problems. It can also help regulate periods and PMS symptoms. But its major reputation comes for helping with hormonal symptoms. It's counter-partner, Blue Cohosh can also be used for the same reasons. Damiana is noted as an aid to increase libido. But it can also be helpful to balance hormonal organs, menopause as well as menstrual. Dong Quai is noted as an overall tonic for female reproductive system including menstrual regularity, PMS and menopause symptoms. There are many hormonal herbal combinations that may contain some or all of these herbs. There is a local doctor nearby that recommends Black Cohosh, Red Raspberry, and Red Clover to help women with hormonal complaints. Many clients have had good luck increasing soy and bean products into their diets or an Isoflavone supplement. HerbPharm makes two formulas that I recommend often, one is Black Cohosh-Licorice Compound; the other is Pulsatilla-Vitex Compound. Natures Plus makes a formula called Mentrol that contains both Black Cohosh and Isoflavones.

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Cindy Dy said...

When someone writes an article he/she keeps the thought of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it. Therefore that’s why this post is outstanding.Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Ms Linda, This blog is a treasure of information and thank you very very much for it. Would like to know if you have written anything here on dealing with Thyroid issues. I searched the posts but wonder if i have missed seeing it. Really interested in the foods,herbs, remedy flowers needed to keep it in balance as well as foods to avoid and the emotions that can cause the imbalance. Hoping for a post on it or a reply here. Thank you

Anonymous said...

hello! thank you for all the invaluable info you have given us in the entire blog. Can you please write about thyroid issues too for our understanding. thanks.

Healing with Grace said...

Hi Linda, I have been experiencing a lot of hair loss in the last few years. I had my first bout of hair loss about 3 years ago and thought it was a one-time occurrence. In the last year or so, however, I have had 3 episodes of hair loss where a lot of hair will fall out, and then stop. I have no idea if this is hormonal or digestive issues... I thought maybe hypothyroidism? I also have a sluggish digestive system, cold hands, and cold feet. Would love your thoughts, as this is really effecting my self-confidence!

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive, Flower Practitioner said...

Good morning Grace:

Funny you should ask.. I am just working with one of my clients after many years and I think we are getting to her source. Thyroid is usually affected, and the thyroid holds the energy of "discouragement with everything." What we found as this client kept digging into her issues is that she had no idea how to create joy around her everyday life. Everything was a chore, so of course discouragement became a way of life without even realizing it.

She is now playing and laughing more in life. She is using herbal supplements to help balance the thyroid and flowers to help shift the energy. She's done a lot of work over the years to get to this place.

There is no simple solution. Yet there is a solution. Does discouragement in life resonate with you at some level?