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Healing Physical Symptoms

Physical Symptoms are a language used by the body to get our attention.  A physical symptom lets us know when we are not happy.  Really... that is the truth.  Pain is the absence of love, so when we are in physical or emotional pain, our spirit is simply trying to get our attention so we will love over "self" once again.

I often ask a client, "What makes you happy?"  Most are at a loss for words.   They have learned to give energy to what does not make them happy but are unable to focus on what makes them happy.

Healing begins by honoring our physical body. We often don't take the time to do this because we are too busy abusing it.  If you want to heal, recognize abuse and choose to change. The first step to stop abusing our body is to begin nourish it with real food and pure water.  To do this, we must first learn the difference between the two.   

Food today is often made from ingredients that are not digestible to the human body.  This section teaches you to be conscious of the food that heals us and to avoid the food that makes us ill.  Once we learn the difference, we can then begin to move our excuses out of the way and begin to consciously make choices that make our bodies happy.  

I have learned that if my body is happy, I am happy!

A healthy body is one that is free of pain, enabling us to live a life that is full of joy and adventure.  It is my hope that this section will teach you how to begin healing your body through making choices that make you happy.  Food is the first step to begin this new journey.  

We cannot heal through abuse; we can only heal through love.

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