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Depression, Despondency, Despair, Grief

All of these emotions are held in the hormonal organs of the body.. the ovaries and the uterus; the testicles and the prostate gland. The brain will be affected as well if we hold on to these emotions and create the negative state of grief within the system. We all grieve. It is a normal state of feeling after loss. What we need to learn however is that those who remain on this plane have done so to have experiences and learn from their lessons of the past, not stay in them. After a short grieving period, the emotion of celebration for passing to a higher state of existence should be encouraged. When this does not happen, and we choose to remain focussed on past issues, imbalances occur in the body.

Depression manifests in the physical body as crying and exhaustion as well as hormonal imbalances. Women who experience PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes, pre- or post-menopausal symptoms may be holding on to the emotion of depression within the system. Our hormonal system is our system of changes in life. We are always cycling in life, as we are cyclical beings. Those who resist change will manifest an imbalance in the hormonal system. Walnut is the flower that helps to balance those who do not do well with changes in life. These people are often powerful people, but can be influenced by those who they believe have more authority than they do.

There are herbs that can be very helpful during hormonal imbalances including chaste tree berry. This is one herb that I have used especially with young adults who are having irregular periods. Cramp Bark is an herb that is helpful for those who experience abnormal cramping during periods. The tissue salt Magnesium Phosphate is also very helpful for muscular cramping. Black Cohosh, Isoflavones, Red Raspberry, Dong Quai and Red Clover are all herbs that can prove helpful during menopausal years. There are a number of good companies that make hormonal balancing herbs that can be very effective including, Natures Plus, Country Life and HerbPharm, to name a few of my favorites. Saw Palmetto is used for male prostate problems.
Healthy oils, such as Flaxseed Oil and/or Evening Primrose Oil, may be essential to heal hormonal problems as well.

During times of aging, or pre-menopausal, the tissue salt Calcium Fluoride may be helpful to restore elasticity to the body. "Calcium Fluoride is found in the connective tissue, the blood vessels, the muscular tissue, in the surface of the bones and the enamel of the teeth. Relaxed conditions may call for the use of this tissue salt including veins and arteries, piles, sluggish circulation, cracks in the skin and is helpful in the treatment of diseases affecting the surface of the bones and joints. Muscular weakness may be apparent when this tissue salt is deficient." (from the Biochemic Handbook).

For women who have serious bloating or water retention during hormonal times, a dose of Natrum Mur might prove helpful. Nat Mur is one of the tissue salts that helps balance water in the body. Other symptoms of a Nat Mur deficiency might include: "low spirits with a feeling of hopelessness, headaches with constipation, difficult stools, watery mucus and sneezing, dry painful nose and throat symptoms, heartburn with slow digestion, thirst, facial neuralgia with flow of tears and saliva, eyes weak, hay fever, drowsiness with muscular weakness, chafing skin, hang nails, unrefreshing sleep, loss of taste or smell, and cravings for salt or salty foods" (from the Biochemic Handbook).

Those who experience chronic depression may also experience hormonal imbalances. The flowers for depression are listed below. Two herbs that have been used for mild depression include St. John's Wort and SamE. The opposite of depression is learning to be happy in the moment. Focussing our energy into what we love about our life instead of what we think we are missing is the first step in learning to be happy where you are right now. Seeing the magic in every moment is essential to appreciating the beauty around us. That takes practice but it is certainly worth the effort in the end.

Depression Flowers:
Gentian - Skeptical; dwell on the problem not the solution. Discouraged by setbacks.. 1/2 empty not 1/2 full. Succumb to doubt and pessimism.

Gorse - Little hope; world is dark and menacing place; no hope of improvement or betterment ahead. Loss of faith.. little can be done to improve a condition.

Mustard - Unexpected bouts of depression or inner darkness..mood swings.. feeling of depression comes from outside of you.

Sweet Chestnut - Hit rock bottom, extreme state of despair - no way out! Extreme mental anguish or suffering.. breaking point has been reached. Sense of utter aloneness or abandonment.. test of faith.

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