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Nasty Foods to Avoid at all Costs!

When a client comes to me with a question about the colon, my first question is always, “What do you put into your body?” When a mom brings in a young child who is complaining of chronic stomach pain, my question is the same, “What does he put into his body?”

We cannot heal the inside of our bodies until we deal with what we are putting into them from the outside. The food we choose will make a huge difference in how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. The healthier your food; the healthier you can feel.

Digestion is key to healing. We cannot heal with a body that does not digest properly. And food is an important step in the digestive process. If we choose to eat foods that are difficult for the body to break down, it will create stress on our digestive organs. It is really that simple.

So let’s start with the foods that are extremely difficult for the average person to digest.

In my opinion, all white sugar acts as a poison to the human body. Yes, I do realize that white sugar is in a multitude of products that are sitting on your shelf and in your refrigerator at this very moment. If you begin reading labels, you might find it in just about everything. So what is a person to do? You have two choices – you can continue to poison yourself, or you can commit to stop using white sugars in this very moment. That would be a very healthy choice to make for you and the rest of your family.

Now that you have made that commitment, what is plan B? How can one live without sugar? The truth is, you don’t have to live without sugar; you simply have to live (and very nicely I might add) without white sugars. There are a number of sugars that the body (in moderation) will break down and utilize quite nicely. The average person will do quite well with pure maple syrup, barley malt, rice malt, blue agave, stevia, and molasses. Once on the road to health, small amounts of organic cane juice crystals and sucanat can also be added for fun occasions. The truth is, we don’t have to go without, we just have to go differently.

The next line of poisons come in the form of artificial this or preservative that. As soon as I read this ingredient on a label, that product is placed back on the shelf. I have no need for it in my body if I want my liver and spleen to be healthy. Check the ingredients on the products in your cupboards. How many list a vast array of artificial stuff? If it’s not real, why are you putting it into your real body? Better yet, why are you putting it into your little sensitive children’s bodies? Don’t! It’s not good for either of you.

Hydrogenated oils do not have a bad rap, they are a bad food! Avoid them at all costs. Your gall bladder won’t have a clue what to do with them and so your body will begin to store them. Why would you want to store oils that clog your system? These nasty oils can find their way into many packages and bags. There are very few chips I can find on a supermarket shelf that I would allow into my body. The same is true for many other products including crackers and salad dressings. The list can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Read labels!

I limit the amount of cow dairy I eat because much of it is not digestible, especially the inexpensive cheese. Most of my cheese is now made from sheep or goat products which are more easily digestible to our human bodies. Once balanced and clean, however, the more aged cheese, such as Parmesano Reggiano or a nice aged cheddar or provolone may be acceptable in reasonable amounts. Buffalo mozzarella is quite digestible to our bodies as well. However, the cheaper mozzarella will play havoc with our systems.

Caffeine acts like a poison to those with sensitive bladders, kidneys and stomach. Yes, this not only includes coffee but chocolate as well, not to mention teas that include black tea, green tea and chai tea, unless they specifically say “decaf”. Those sensitive to caffeine will find it can create acidity, bloating in the lower abdomen, urinary issues and swelling in the outer extremities. And yes, it is usually these people who are sensitive to it that are most addicted to it. Aren’t we funny beings?

City water is usually ladened with some type of chemical, whether it be fluorides, rust inhibitors or chlorine, none of which I would consciously choose to put into my body. So why do we allow others to dictate to us that drinking bleach is ok? It’s not. Water is meant to flush the system and once we add a chemical to our water supply, the water can no longer do its job. That’s because now our filtration system must work to filter it first. If it has to be filtered, it cannot be flushing! So make sure you choose pure water.

Now let’s look at soda, the great American past-time. These sugar filled drinks cause tooth decay, obesity and sugar imbalances. And the sugar free versions are just as bad. Have you ever met anyone who has gotten thin drinking diet anything? Me either! So stop the soda and begin the water – pure water to help your body heal itself. If you need a little flavor try fresh lemon and pure maple syrup. It will do your body good!

That wasn’t so hard was it? Well, maybe you can’t eat anything in your house. At least you now know what you should avoid. So next time you head for the grocery store you’ll be a little more conscious of the choices you make. Each step you take in a new and different direction will help you to realize that you are worth eating the food that makes you happy and healthy. You’ll also begin to realize that food that makes you sick doesn’t really make you happy!


Jeff said...

I lost nearly 150 lbs and drank diet soda through it all. The only reason it doesn't work with alot of people is because they don't exercise self-control with the sugar cravings it is said to cause, however I've been drinking diet soda exclusively for about 5 years and don't have or simply don't recall any sugar cravings that I haven't been able to curb.

Linda Wojcik is Joshua's Mom teaching parents how to advocate for their sensitive children. said...

Hi Jeff: The main reason for avoiding diet sodas is the artificial sugars. They can be as poisonous to the body as refined sugars. Pure spring water helps the body flush toxins through the system. If you can be healthy exclusively drinking diet sodas, then you have one powerful liver.

Anonymous said...

The list of dangerous foods that causes cancer which you have posted on your facebook is very similar to what you have all along been writing about and telling us to avoid in order to heal!!! This poster reiterates your recommendations - congratulations to you!
Thank you

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate your comments.

Deepa Khare said...

I love your posts - and convey gratitude for giving people the gift of health. Many do not realise and appreciate the value you of what you offer. Thank you for sharing such valuable information and investing your precious time for this purpose. you have very positive vibrations...please continue your good work ♡♡♡ ~

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Good morning Deepa: Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. Your words are truly appreciated.