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Urinary Problems

The kidneys and bladder speak to the emotion of "disappointments". So if we have chronic kidney and bladder problems, disappointment may be an issue that needs to be looked at. The opposite of disappointment is "acceptance". That means having no expectations. When we can live in this reality, anything that comes our way becomes a wonderful gift. However, if we have expectations and then something we expect does not come to be, we create an imbalance in our system. The truth comes down to the fact that everything is perfect just the way it is. And if we are practicing living in the moment, our energy will not be out somewhere with expectations of something that may never happen. Instead, our energy will be right where it should be - in the moment we are in experiencing everything that is.

Having said that, the physical symptoms of bladder/kidney irritation may manifest as bloating in the lower abdomen and frequent urination with our without burning. Other symptoms may be dryness of the body including the eyes, nose, lips, skin, etc. This personality type may also find they drink way too much water or not enough, as imbalance in water becomes the issue. If a kidney is involved, a person may experience back pain on the top of each hip where the kidneys lie. A person may experience this type of pain after they have been sitting or lying for any length of time.

Many times we will take this energy a step further and become resentful over the person or situation that was expected and did not manifest. This is exactly how we layer our negative states of emotion.

The most important thing you can do to help to heal your kidneys/bladder is to eliminate caffeine (which includes chocolate) from your diet. Caffeine will affect the kidneys/bladder and adrenals of the system. Many people will tell me that they "only drink one or two cups a day". For some systems, this is too much. And the only way you will know is if you get off the caffeine completely. There are other ways to stimulate the adrenals after getting off caffeine (see this section on Fatigue).

Herbs that can be helpful to a urinary system include uva ursi, juniper berry, celery seed, gravel root, hydrangea root, and parsley. Dandelion root will act as a diuretic. Some of these herbs have been documented to help dissolve kidney stones. HerbPharm makes a formula that is a tonic the kidney/bladder area called Goldenrod-Horsetail Compound. Michael's makes a formula called Kidney Factors that has proven very effective in helping to heal this area.

I also like the homeopathic remedy from Hylands called "Bladder Irritation". It can help diminish the time to heal bladder irritations greatly. Of course, the old remedy of using pure cranberry juice goes without saying. Just make sure your juice is purely cranberry which can be found at health food stores in liquid as well as capsule form.

With any infection, adding a vitamin C supplement may be helpful.

The bladder and kidneys are located in the second chakra area. This is our area that relates to our security issues such as money, jobs, family and sexuality. I have seen those who have been sexually abused often manifest chronic bladder infections later in life. As with everything, this is not 100% true, but I have seen it often enough to bring it to your attention to consider that there may be second chakra issues that have not been healed and need attention. The second chakra also deals with relationship issues. Often these personality types become co-dependent, competitive or victimized. They tend to attract unhealthy relationships.

There is not one particular flower that speaks to disappointments in life. The flowers should be considered based on the emotion that is attached to the disappointment, such as frustration, resentment, discouragement, depression, etc…


Anonymous said...

Hello! I in awe of all the information you have shared on this blog! Truly fascinating for common people like me with absolutely no knowledge of how our body functions, how our foods and moods affect it!!Thank You. Can you please explain to this ignoramus dummy a bit on the following:
1.Burdock root, Yellow dock root, Dandelion, Goldenrod, Horsetail, Uva ursi,Echinacea,Black Elderberry - is it herbal tea or are they homeopathy drops/capsules?
2.What are the alternates for milk, coffee, chocolate and regular tea - the above in tea form?
Would appreciate your clarification on the above . Looking forward to you reply .

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Question #1: These are herbs that you can purchase in tincture form or capsule form.

Question #2: Alternatives for milk include: almond milk, rice milk, organic soy milk, oat milk. Goat milk and sheep milk products are often quite good to replace cow milk products. Yet, some people are even sensitive to them although they are easier to digest in the human body. Everyone is unique and different and some people do well with one source and not another. My grandson for instance is VERY allergic to soy milk products, so we avoid them for him. Trying different alternatives is the key.

Coffee and tea substitutes: I like a gentle detox tea every morning to help any toxins be released that may have entered the body and we know there are a lot of toxins out there. Yogi Detox is a favorite. I also like Dandelion Root tea or a Decaf Chai tea. Coffee substitutes I like include Teeccino which brews just like coffee so it gives one that nice morning aroma. Kaffree Roma used to be one of my favorite subs although it is an instant coffee, although I found it quite tasty.

Try different things and see what works for you. The more we love what we are doing, the faster we heal! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Very glad to read your quick reply, thank you . You might be busy, yet have taken the time to answer my query, appreciate this gesture to share your knowledge. Wonderful that you started this blog and making available to all, this invaluable information.Serendipity it is, that I came across this blog and it has opened up for me fresh knowledge and a whole new way of healing myself. Once again, thank you Ms. Linda. and a ton of good wishes to you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
I sort of have a very hazy bit of an idea of what you have explained but do not have a full grasp of the link between disappointment and urinary problems.

Can you please elaborate a little more and also tell us how to resolve the emotions.

Does a change in diet help overcome the feelings? Would an acknowledgement or mere expressing (verbally or writing of the disappointing feeling)remove/dissolve it and heal? Will exercise or physiotherapy or massage or rhythmic breathing eliminate the residing emotion?

I am confused about the means to 'move' the emotion. Request you to explain a bit more on how the emotional energy is transformed. Thank you.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

The way to heal emotional imbalances or energy that has become stuck is to nurture the physical body first. Disappointment energy is fed with: caffeine, chocolate, white sugars, refined carbs and extra salty foods. These foods must be avoided to help the bladder heal. Also, Dandelion Root tea may help flush the bladder/kidneys very gently. Pure spring water is essential - 8 cups a day; 3/4 cup at a time to help flush the toxins, both physically and emotionally.

Flower essences and homeopathy may help as well; however, that is all dependent upon figuring out old patterns of behaviors. To do that, we must first separate from everyone else's energy so we can begin to look at ourself. If you feel you would like to do a session at any point in the future, feel free to email me at anytime.

Linda Wojcik

Anonymous said...

Good morning!
Thank you Ms.Linda Wojcik for your early reply.

I gather that we are what we eat and feel and that our condition - balanced or otherwise is because of a result/outcome of it!

And therefore we need to make a shift in our food choices as well as expression of our emotions!

And that we need the help of a practitioner in homeopathy/flower remedies/chakra healing/vibration medicine etc to get us back in balance!!

They would help us move out of the the habitual ways of eating and feeling in very gentle and compassionate ways explaining the benefits of a lifestyle change.Significantly change our perception!

Amazing!! And very very glad that such healers are available! And I/we definitely appreciate the amount of information you have already shared with us through your posts in this blog.

Thank you. Will 'attempt' giving up coffee and white sugar to begin with. But dicey about spring water!Not easy where I live in Asia.
Will seek your help after I have succeeded in the 2 initial steps you have recommended.
Thank you and looking forward to read more posts.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Food is the first step to healing.. what you choose to nurture your body with tells you cells that you are either loving and honoring them or abusing them. If we think of the body as our "Porsche"... then we will nurture it with the best gas (food) and oil (water). Otherwise our Porsche would run like... (I think you get the point). Yet we put bad gas and oil in our body and we expect it to run perfectly. So yes, real food and pure water is essential for a healthy body to heal.

Emotions play a huge role and the more we practice loving ourself by loving our choices, the easier the cells get into alignment with love and love really does heal all. I've witnessed and experienced it firsthand.

When we get stuck in our old patterns and beliefs, having a therapist to help can be .. well, helpful. I am very blessed to help people to recognize their old patterns of behavior and then help them to shift this energy into new, healthy and happy behaviors. Happy = healthy and visa versa, so happy is essential to heal ourself as well.

I am happy you are going to begin taking steps to shift your old patterns. If you ever need help along the way, please contact me anytime.