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Foods To Heal the Physical Body

Muscle testing has given me knowledge that enables each one of us to work through our healing journey a bit more efficiently. For instance - the majority of people muscle test the same for foods that the body considers mandatory to eat on a daily basis. The only thing that changes is during the summer season of June through August which is listed below. Now this will change for those people who have chronic bowel problems or for diabetics where an overabundance of fruit would not be so healthy. But for the average person, the following foods are considered essential and should be eaten on a daily basis. This is the winter program and should be considered from the middle of September through the middle of May.

Seeds (sesame, sunflowers, poppyseed, pumpkin seed or flax seed) 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of seeds should be eaten with your morning meal every day. They can be added to your cereal or sprinkled on you toast or muffin. Seeds are a source of vitamins E and F (unsaturated fatty acids - good oils) and are essential to colon and skin health.

Currants are a wonderful source of iron and we should include 1 tsp daily at breakfast.

Almonds - The body requires three almonds daily. Almonds are a source of calcium and magnesium and can be eaten during any time of the day. I keep a container of them on the counter and enjoy watching the family eat a few for their after school snack.

Apricots are essential (one to two daily) preferably at lunchtime. Apricots are a source of vitamin A (beta carotene). Fresh in season; and dried out of season.

One prune daily is essential at bedtime. This begins the cleansing of the body for morning elimination.

Two cups of beans daily - canned or dried, whichever is your preference. This is an important source of daily protein.

Vegetables - as many as you like, but a minimum of one per day is mandatory - and green and yellow should be alternated each day if only one is consummed. However, the more vegetables, the better.

Six to eight cups of pure water daily. Never drink water that has been treated with any type of chemical. Chemicals must be filtered through the liver and/or spleen and will eventually cause problems in these areas.

Changes for the summer season: During the summer months (middle of May through the middle of September) this regiment changes slightly in that the prunes and apricots are substituted with one cup of fresh berry of the season. The berries are cleansers and should be eaten during this season in order the cleanse the system of any toxins that may have developed through the winter months.

As you can see, meat proteins are not considered essential to the body, and neither are dairy products. Our proteins are much better absorbed with beans, nuts and seeds as protein sources.

And dairy can cause allergic reactions in many people.

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Jack White said...

I am looking to improve my personal health and diet. I am very interested in all these breakfast options that you have suggested. I have heard a lot of good things about the effects of flax seeds and how it is good for your joints.