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Introduction to The Physical Body

Whatever goes on in your body is your "stuff". These are the first words I speak to a client during an initial visit. If you are manifesting physical symptoms within your body, a negative imbalance is asking for your attention. It is through our spiritual body that we connect to our divine self. The divine self is perfect in knowing what makes us happy, confident, courageous, forgiving, understanding, patient, etc. This list can go on and on. It is when we choose to go against our divine self (through our negative behaviors such as impatience, jealousy, fear, guilt, intolerance, hate, etc.), we will first feel an emotional reaction. Within a short period of time, we will think about our negative feelings and eventually, we will begin to speak about them. This is how we give energy to our negative aspects.

If we learn to pay attention to this language early on in the process, we could begin to change it immediately.But most of us are not taught that we can change our negative behavior patterns. Instead we are taught to remain stuck within them. This is learned behavior from previous experiences. Because we choose not to heed early warnings, the spirit will use the physical body to speak to us. It is at this point that our negative states may begin to affect us personally through pain, rash, indigestion, etc. It is through this physical manifestation we begin to take notice.

It has become easy for us to label this manifestation as illness. Through illness, we create the illusion that we are not responsible for our symptoms. Nothing is further from the truth. The truth is that we are responsible for everything we manifest in our lives and in our bodies, even the things we call "disease".

Let me see if I can take this one step at a time. And please, understand that what I am teaching you are my beliefs that have come through my own personal experiences. Whether or not you choose to accept any of my teachings is up to you. But I can assure you that health comes through personal responsibility.

I believe we have had a huge decline in health because we are looking outwardly for someone else to heal us. It is at this point that we turn our power over to someone else. In order to heal, we need to maintain our power within ourselves. True healing comes from our ability to "listen" to our own body language. The problem is that we have forgotten how to interpret this language.

Many people will come in and out of our lives to assist our healing journey, but there is only one person who can heal you.. and that is you.My job is to teach you physical body language. This section of our website attempts to do just that.

As you try to learn this type of healing, remember that we are unique through our own personal experiences. The products I have used and had positive results with are from a majority of clients, not all clients. Not everything is 100%. What I am trying to do is to teach you how to begin a new way of healing.

It is important to remember that our healing journeys lasts a lifetime. With a little help from your newfound ability to manifest, new therapies will show themselves to you as you begin to learn to ask for them. You may be amazed to realize that the old saying, "ask and you will receive", becomes a part of your existence. We do have the power to create. Begin asking and see what happens in your life.

America has become the land of popping pills. We are led to believe that healing comes from taking a drug and going on our old way. In my experiences, healing comes from change. If you are manifesting physical symptoms within your own body, then your spirit is asking you to change something, whether it be dietary changes, exercise changes, job changes, or attitude changes. Only you, individually, can know what these changes are.

Like flower essences, it is not the happy, positive things in our lives that create imbalances. Instead, it is those things that we judge as unpleasant, angry, fearful or negative. These are the experiences in our lives that we should begin to look at and find ways to transform. It is through transformation that we begin to heal. The flower essences help us to "see" and become more aware of our negative states of imbalance that have become a part of our "being". The flower essences "awaken" us from our lifetime of "unconsciousness".

My job also is to get you in "touch" with your negative states of behavior, both physically and emotionally. If we can get in touch with these negative patterns early on in the process, we can transform this energy quickly, thereby transforming the physical pains or imbalances along with it. Naturally the longer we have held on to negative states of imbalances, the longer it may take to change our behavior patterns. But "seeing" is the first step to healing. We cannot heal that which we cannot "see".

This section of our website allows you to begin thinking differently about physical manifestations. If you have chronic skin problems, the section on "Skin Rashes" may awaken a cell in you that needs transformation. If you have chronic sinus infections, visit the section on "Sinusitis" and see what holds true for you. The secret here is honesty and responsibility. Be honest with your past patterns and take responsibility to begin changing them.


Anonymous said...

I felt my adult body, when I was about ten.
I would experience my adult body.
The feed back from my fingers would not be the correct feedback. Instead of feeling my own legs I would feel huge adult legs. It happened for about two years. It was almost every other night It was most disconcerting. I have never found explanation for this. I had colour night mares, numerous outerbody. and as an adult it only happened once but I saw shadow folk, and not for a second but for seconds. The leg thing was premonition of adult illness. I have never met anyone with this type of experience. Any ideas.

Linda Wojcik is Joshua's Mom teaching parents how to advocate for their sensitive children. said...

The only thing that comes to mind might be that you have a very spiritual gift waiting for you to recognize it and honor it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! and good wishes to you,
I have been reading several posts from your blog and really 'discovering' new modalities to heal from them - foods that harm and heal, herbs that help to detox, tissue salts to address deficiencies,emotions that affect organs/glands and functioning, flower remedies that help with healing emotions - amazing new ways hitherto 'unknown' to me. Truly a new world to me.

You mention 'With a little help from your newfound ability to manifest, new therapies will show themselves to you as you begin to learn to ask for them. You may be amazed to realize that the old saying, "ask and you will receive", becomes a part of your existence. We do have the power to create. Begin asking and see what happens in your life."
This is exactly what happened!! Looks like i was directed to this blog when i was searching for help for a family elder suffering from arthritis and a youngster going through Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your knowledge has been greatly useful.Never knew that Bach 's gentle flower remedy and simple tissue salts and homeopathy herbs could bring such healing and i now know first hand that they all work.
I have also been sharing your knowledge with other family members too, explaining the link between food, emotion and disease.
As you say it is a life long process and need to change habitual ways of diet and thinking. Long way to go though!! Thank you for sharing all this. Best wishes to you.
Hope you will continue to write more posts for all of us.

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Its so nice to wake up to such kind and thoughtful words. Thank you so much for posting.

Sahvanna Diaz said...

I would also feel this! My hands would feel giant and my body too. I would also 'play' with leaving my body and seeing how far I could go! And this is weird, but I saw a 'shadow folk' once or twice...

Linda Wojcik, Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive said...

Dear Sahvanna: I hope you learn to appreciate these moments of uniqueness. We never know where an experience or gift may take us. Its the journey that can be exciting and fulfilling if we allow it to be... Thank you for sharing.