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Exhaustion is rampant in America. Could it be that we don't sleep well and work too hard? That would be my best guess. But now we have to look at how we can change all that. Everything about our individual lives is in our hands to heal it.

The most important thing to do in order to heal fatigue is to eliminate caffeine products from the diet completely. Caffeine is abusive to our adrenal system, and it is through this system that we create energy. So by using caffeine as an energetic source, we are actually doing greater damage to the body. You may also find that you sleep better without the use of caffeine throughout the day. And for some people, one cup of coffee is just too much.

Eliminate white and refined sugars from your diet. They are also playing havoc with your system and not allowing your body to digest properly. Change these foods to whole grain products along with the more complex sugars including pure maple syrup, barley malt, rice malt, sucanat, organic cane sugars, molasses and stevia. Add more proteins in the form of beans, nuts and seeds.

Emotionally, the adrenals are drained from discouragement in life. Discouragement creates the reality of two steps forward and three steps back. That alone will drain our spirit as we are under the illusion that we never get ahead. To change discouragement, we need to begin to look at those things that excite us in life. The opposite of discouragement is excitement. Whether we focus our energy on those things that discourage us or excite us is purely choice. Excitement is the emotion that stimulates the adrenals. So when you are feeling discouraged with something that is happening in your life, you have the power to change it at that moment to something that brings you greater joy. Again.. this is choice. For some reason our society teaches us that we have to sit in our discouragement. That is far from the truth. The truth is you can do whatever you want, anytime you want. You just have to believe it is so.

First and foremost, the B-complex vitamins are our energy vitamins, our stress vitamins and our vitamins that help us sleep. When the adrenals are drained, even if we feel exhausted during the day and don't handle stress well, we may not be able to sleep during the evening. It is the replenishment of the B-vitamins that helps us to get the adrenals nourished. Make sure you get a good quality, high potency B-complex vitamin to assist you in this healing process.

There are herbs that can be helpful to stimulate the adrenals as you begin to heal them. Ginseng is most notably an adrenal booster. It has been used throughout history for stamina and energy. You can use it in tea, capsule, or tincture form. And not only does it give us energy, but it does help to stimulate the adrenals instead of abuse them. Another adrenal stimulant is Licorice Root. While stimulating the adrenals, it can also raise blood pressure, so if you have a problem with that, you might want to consider something else. I do not have blood pressure problems, so I enjoy the energy boost licorice can give me. Bee Pollen is nature's perfect food. It is balanced in every vitamin, mineral, enzyme and amino acid we need to live on. So what bee pollen does ultimately is nourish us, something that many of us have not been doing for our bodies lately. I like to use bee pollen if we are going out at night and I am hoping to stay up late. It gives you a boost without making you hyper. That way, I can still fall asleep when I get home.

Kali Phos is a tissue salt that helps balance the nervous system of the body. It may be helpful for those trying to come off caffeine. It also gives us a little energy boost for those of us whose nerves are shot and have created sleeplessness, depression, weariness, lowered vitality, or grumpiness. It gives us a little boost to an over tired system. Tissue salts are extremely safe and I have also been known to take a shot of Kali Phos before heading out for an evening.
Below, I have listed the flowers used for Exhaustion. They may prove very helpful while beginning your healing journey..

Exhaustion Flowers
Overwhelmed by major tasks and responsibilities. Overly responsible or overly concerned in family or work situations.. Experience of fatigue regarding tasks or projects, which you are responsible for.

Hard working and depending but pressing the limits of endurance in order to provide for or assist others; Verge of collapse or utter exhaustion due to unrelenting pace set by yourself; over-strive beyond true limits or capacities, denying oneself small pleasures or spontaneous moments of joy.

All physical energy is spent resulting in profound sense of exhaustion and fatigue, especially after facing an extremely challenging ordeal.

Fatigued or drained in a job, which is out of proportion to the real physical energy demanded for the task; life is a monotonous routine.. just going through the motions at work or home with little interest or energetic involvement; need for a fresh perspective on daily tasks.

The world would be better with your visions and values; enthusiasm and intensity so much that tension pushes your body beyond natural energy levels; overwhelm others with your sense of conviction. The vervain personality will waste energy by focussing stress and tension on one situation or issue that is plaguing them at the time.

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Dear Linda,

Your blog is beautiful and filled with so much knowledge to help one heal. I feel like I've found another soft, round, pebble on my healing journey. Thank you.


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Thanks for putting an effort to publish this information and for sharing this with us.