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Fears, Panic, Anxiety

As with all our negative traits, fear and panic is learned behavior. I most recently worked with a woman who was beginning her teaching career. Two weeks before school started, she began having panic attacks. I asked her if this was new for her and of course she said no. But she had not experienced them in a long time and feared she might have one in her classroom. As we worked, we got back to the truth that these attacks started when she was in second grade. It was in second grade that she entered a new school and her teacher was very mean and screamed at her most of the time. She was extremely panic stricken and fearful of school. Her life was filled with having to change schools, and each time that happened, she became more fearful. At this point in her adult life, she was thrown back to that "fear of new school" mentality. What she had to understand was that she was no longer the second grader who was afraid to enter this new school. Once she could understand where the mentality of the fear came from, she began to look at it differently. After a few doses of Aspen, she released almost all the anxiety that she carried that day. She began laughing about the prospects of entering her new school and was looking forward to a new adventure.

Fear can manifest in many glands and organs depending upon the fear itself. The gall bladder holds the emotion of fear of failure, fear to make a mistake, or lack of self-esteem. When someone says something bad about us, we will feel it first in the gut of our gall bladder right between the rib cage. As you can see there is good reason for that. If we are afraid to make a mistake, we may create digestive problems within the system. The flower essence I use most often for this type of fear is Larch. Larch allows us to try new things without being afraid of the outcome. It allows us to feel good about our selves. Larch allows us to make mistakes and then pick our selves up and try something new.

If the gall bladder has been physically abused by a person with a Larch personality, there will be a lot of digestive problems. A gall bladder imbalance will create the feeling of being stuffed after eating. The food will sit in the area just below the rib cage. Burping, belching, reflux or gas may be evident. If the problem becomes chronic, a pain in the lower back may also indicate gall bladder issues. In order to heal the gall bladder you have to stop aggravating it. The foods that aggravate gall bladder include fried food, hydrogenated oils, pork and cow cheese. It is important to substitute fried food with boiled, broiled or baked foods, substitute hydrogenated oils with pure extra virgin olive oil (we prefer the Greek or Italian olive oils as they have medicinal qualities), substitute cow cheese with soy, rice, goat or sheep cheese.

Eliminating caffeine is extremely essential to the anxiety driven personality.

After eliminating the foods that aggravate this system, it is time to begin to cleanse it. Dandelion Root tea, capsule or tincture is the most gentle. I have also used Burdock Root or Yellow Dock Root for this area when years of abuse are evident. Both herbs are deeper acting cleansers.

The tissue salt Kali Phos can be very helpful for those with anxiety and nervousness. It nourishes the nervous system and brings us back to a feeling of peacefulness. It is also very safe and can be used with very young children.

Flower essenses can help us heal our fearful states:

The Aspen fear is the fear from the unknown. These are the fears that are fed by the "what if" mentality. The person worries about the future, the past and has never learned how to focus their energy in the present. Their minds are always thinking about "what if this happens", "what if this doesn't happen"… what if, what if, what if. Basically they are worrying about things that most likely won't happen. The Aspen fear is anxiety based for no known reason. The most common physical trait from an Aspen personality is the anxiety or heart palpitations.

The Mimulus fear is different from the Aspen in that the fear is definitely know. They know they are afraid of dogs or flying or being in the dark. They can clearly express themselves as to what they are afraid of. The Mimulus may also create anxiety but they can put their finger on what is causing it.

The White Chestnut personality is the fear that comes from the worrying state of mind. The mind is in constant turmoil about daily events and can not be shut off. The same record keeps playing over and over with no help to stop it. The White Chestnut may not be able to fall asleep at night or they may wake in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. It is their overactive mind that keeps them in this "not able to sleep" mode. Besides sleeping problems, the White Chestnut will usually manifest circulatory problems, such as coldness, numbness and tingling of the extremities (hands and feet). It is in the circulatory system that we manifest our worry, worry, worry.

Using calming techniques can be helpful for the fearful personality type. Yoga and meditation may prove helpful to calm the anxious system. Some others might find reading, writing, walking, boating, etc. to be calming to the system. We are all unique and different. It is up to the individual person to decide what may make them happiest and most calm.

I often use the herb Chamomile in tea, tincture of capsule form to help those transforming their fears and anxieties. Kali Phos is the tissue salt that is also helpful as it helps to balance the nervous system of the body.

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