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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders come in many shapes and sizes. There are those who crave foods, such as alcohol, carbohydrates, sugars, chocolate, caffeine, or fats (drugs would also come in to play here.) There are those who choose not to eat and deny themselves food for fear of weight problems. There are those who will eat simply to vomit it back up out of the system before it has time to digest. No matter what the eating disorder, the issue many times goes back to an Agrimony personality type.

The Agrimony personality is the abusive personality. The truth is, however, that the Agrimony feels the need to abuse them selves. They do not love themselves and therefore cannot act in a loving manner. After a long bout of Agrimony, one Agrimony client stated it nicely about how she saw her Agrimony personality. Her explanation was something like this.. if you are told your whole life you are not good enough, you are not thin enough, you are not smart enough, etc, etc…then your reality becomes that you never have enough. And so you are always looking for more. And since you have been taught well that you don't have it within yourself, you always look outwardly to try to find happiness or joy. And of course, it does not exist out there. Ultimately each one of us has to find our happiness within our selves.

So the Agrimony becomes a professional at abuse of one self. They also deny their true feelings. They prefer to make light of issues so they don't have to face them. Many an Agrimony's favorite words come down to, "I'm fine!". They pretend life is good when deep inside they mentally torment themselves over issues. If the Agrimony would only learn to express their feeling at the time an issue was happening, they could save themselves a great deal of pain. But an Agrimony has been taught not to deal with issues. They are taught to stuff and pretend. Agrimony's greatest issues can come from fear of rejection. They are usually afraid to speak their truth for fear of being rejected once it is spoken. In the end, an Agrimony will become tormented and angry at themselves for the lack of courage. Agrimony will help to bring about the energy of courage needed to face our daily life's ordeals and to speak our truth at the moment it happens.
There are many physical traits that point to an Agrimony personality type. An Agrimony may manifest headaches for the anger that has been stuffed and suppressed. Cold sores may develop as another way of expressing their anger issues. Digestive disorders are common, and an Agrimony may even vomit when deeply tormented. This is one way we manifest our hidden fears in the physical body. Fears may also manifest as sleeping disorders. An Agrimony who has not expressed their feelings, keep them stuck within the physical mind and body. These hidden fears haunt the Agrimony personality and deny them sleep. Skin conditions including peeling skin have been noted in many Agrimony personalities.

Crab Apple is another flower that may helpful for people with eating disorders. This personality type becomes obsessive over trivial matters and often times obsessive over weight thereby using food in an unhealthy way. They often are unhappy with their physical appearance and focus on the things they don't like about themselves. They may have been physically abused, causing feelings of loathe or self-disgust.

Learning to enjoy foods that nourish the body is helpful for those with eating disorders. A diet for those who are looking to balance weight, either gaining or losing dependent upon the problem, may look something like this:

A whole grain cereal with a little nut or seed added for protein, along with some fresh sliced fruit. Soy milk or goat milk is best for balancing.

A meat protein with fresh vegetables of your choice. Do not mix meat protein with carbohydrates for maximum digestion.

A bean protein with bread and fresh vegetables of your choice, along with goat or sheep cheese and pure olive oil.

A goat yogurt of your choice. This helps balance digestion and cleansing of the system. Water is essential - a minimum of 4-6 cups of pure water daily (never drink water that has been treated in any way no matter who tells you how good it is for you). Nuts used as a snack when cravings result can be helpful as well.

As you begin to heal the Agrimony personality, Larch may be a flower that can help you feel good about yourself. It is the flower for lack of self-esteem and fear of failure. If during your Agrimony layer, these two traits become obvious, Larch would be a good flower to add to your program. Lastly, learn to speak loving thoughts about yourself. When you look in the mirror, stop noticing everything you don't like about yourself and instead focus on the things you do like. When you think bad thoughts about yourself, learn to say that you forgive yourself. The fastest way I know to heal anything is through forgiveness. The more you practice loving yourself, the faster you will learn to do just that!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooo much!!This article is an eye-opener.

Fits exactly a few people I know so well.
I was quite puzzled at the reason why one would eat unhealthily despite being so intelligent and knowledgeable. The fuss and irritability they exhibited over very trivial things was unexplained and ruin the mood for some hours over it. Another is being so picky over the food that a vegetable,rice or a dish prepared so lovingly would remain untouched and prefer to go without!
One is so polite it would seem a little unreal and makes us wonder if it is an act and not to be taken seriously. Each one has a strong craving for either coffee, alcohol or chocolate!!
Thank you for this valuable insight, the reason behind their eating habit.