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Foods To Heal the Physical Body

Muscle testing has given me knowledge that enables each one of us to work through our healing journey a bit more efficiently. For instance - the majority of people muscle test the same for foods that the body considers mandatory to eat on a daily basis. The only thing that changes is during the summer season of June through August which is listed below. Now this will change for those people who have chronic bowel problems or for diabetics where an overabundance of fruit would not be so healthy. But for the average person, the following foods are considered essential and should be eaten on a daily basis. This is the winter program and should be considered from the middle of September through the middle of May.

Seeds (sesame, sunflowers, poppyseed, pumpkin seed or flax seed) 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of seeds should be eaten with your morning meal every day. They can be added to your cereal or sprinkled on you toast or muffin. Seeds are a source of vitamins E and F (unsaturated fatty acids - good oils) and are essential to colon and skin health.

Currants are a wonderful source of iron and we should include 1 tsp daily at breakfast.

Almonds - The body requires three almonds daily. Almonds are a source of calcium and magnesium and can be eaten during any time of the day. I keep a container of them on the counter and enjoy watching the family eat a few for their after school snack.

Apricots are essential (one to two daily) preferably at lunchtime. Apricots are a source of vitamin A (beta carotene). Fresh in season; and dried out of season.

One prune daily is essential at bedtime. This begins the cleansing of the body for morning elimination.

Two cups of beans daily - canned or dried, whichever is your preference. This is an important source of daily protein.

Vegetables - as many as you like, but a minimum of one per day is mandatory - and green and yellow should be alternated each day if only one is consummed. However, the more vegetables, the better.

Six to eight cups of pure water daily. Never drink water that has been treated with any type of chemical. Chemicals must be filtered through the liver and/or spleen and will eventually cause problems in these areas.

Changes for the summer season: During the summer months (middle of May through the middle of September) this regiment changes slightly in that the prunes and apricots are substituted with one cup of fresh berry of the season. The berries are cleansers and should be eaten during this season in order the cleanse the system of any toxins that may have developed through the winter months.

As you can see, meat proteins are not considered essential to the body, and neither are dairy products. Our proteins are much better absorbed with beans, nuts and seeds as protein sources.

And dairy can cause allergic reactions in many people.

Then What Can We Eat?

Now that we are clear on the things that poison our body, we can begin to learn how to nurture it. But first let’s talk about deficiencies. Deficiencies occur when we cannot digest and absorb through our digestive system. Continuing to eat food that aggravates our digestive system will continue to cause problems. That is why it is so important to choose real food for your real body.

The most common deficiencies I find when we are not digesting properly are one or more of the B-complex vitamins, Vitamin E and the minerals Magnesium and Calcium. This would account for a world of people who feel constantly exhausted and stressed. It is the B-Complex that handles our energy, our stress levels and our ability to sleep. The more deficient in this essential vitamin complex, the more of these symptoms you will manifest.Vitamin E is essential to healthy arteries, as well as the skin and brain. When the gall bladder is not functioning properly, Vitamin E is very hard to absorb even with taking a vitamin E supplement. Where can we find vitamin E sources in our food? Nuts and seeds, avocados, good oils such as extra virgin olive oil and expeller pressed sunflower oils, grape seed oils, and sesame oils

Is your diet rich in foods that supply you with Vitamin E?

And need we say more about calcium and magnesium? The problem with calcium and magnesium is not how much we get in our diets, but how efficiently we absorb it. The same is true for all nutrients. So what are good sources of calcium and magnesium? Big bitter leafy green vegetables, dark green herbs such as fresh basil and parsley, sesame and poppy seeds and almonds.

I find it easy to sprinkle a little sesame seed on my morning meal and know that I am getting enough for the day. Almond butter is a favorite and is usually a staple in my cupboards.

To help with the calcium and magnesium absorption, its important to ensure you are getting enough Vitamin D through the sun. I know, we have been told for years to stay out of the sun. Bad advice! Twenty minutes a day is essential. Isn’t it interesting that it takes about 20 minutes to walk a mile? So can you commit to walk a mile in the sun each day? Both will do your body good. And yes, I hear you people who live up north in the cold of winter. This is where a vitamin D supplement will come in very handy!

The American diet has us convinced that our only source of calcium and magnesium is through cow dairy products. This is just not true. Although dairy is very high in calcium, it is also very high in proteins that tend to be indigestible to the human body, hence, the high amounts of calcium never get absorbed, thereby creating a deficiency. Let's keep in mind that cows have four stomachs, a feat that most of us do not possess. So why should cow's milk be so digestible to the human body. In reality, it's not. It can cause great problems to the body including digestive upsets, cramping, and diarrhea as well as sinus and mucus problems.

For those who are extremely thin and have a hard time putting weight on, a diet that includes goat yogurt, goat cheese or goat milk may be extremely beneficial. Goat products give you the benefit of a good fat and protein that is very digestible to most of us. Sheep products can also be used.

Replace white sugars with pure maple syrup, barley malt, rice malt, molasses, stevia, organic blue agave and organic unfiltered honey. As you heal, small amounts of organic cane juice crystals and succanat can be acceptable as well.

Eat as much fresh, organic vegetables and fruits as you can afford. If organic is out of your price range, grow your own and buy as much as you can from local farmers. Try to avoid fruits and vegetables grown outside of our own country.

Whole grains are far superior to food made with refined white flours. Brown rice, barley, millet, oats, quinoa, and spelt help to balance out a meal.

Proteins are important, and different body types do better with different proteins. If your body does well with meat, choose meats that are raised free of antibiotics and hormones. When I eat meat, I prefer venison and buffalo meat, and look for poultry that is free range. I avoid farm raised fish and prefer the taste of deep sea. I am an egg snob and like chickens that lay my eggs to see sunlight and eat bugs, so free range eggs are important to me. The difference in taste is evident as well.

My body loves beans for a protein source. Any bean will do and I have become quite creative in the different ways to use them in food. I enjoy tofu but I have to keep it to small amounts as I have learned that tofu can be difficult to digest. Cow milk is replaced with either goat or soy; however someone else may digest rice products more efficiently.

And how about bread? My body is much happier when I choose organic sprouted grain breads or whole grain sourdough breads. I believe that these two breads are easier to digest and will break down quicker in the body. If you take the time to look, you can find a variety of each as well as sprouted grain English muffins and bagels that will help diminish your carb cravings.

Our bodies are unique and different. Treat them as such. When food is not healthy for you, your body will let you know.

Make informed decisions to reduce your stress in your life. Although most of us don't want to admit it, we are ultimately responsible for our own stress and as we have found in life, only the one responsible can change it. Take this responsibility seriously.

Move your body every day, whether you walk, exercise, swim or dance. Our bodies are designed to be used and if we choose to do nothing but sit, you are giving your body the message that your joints and muscles are no longer needed. Act young to be young. All it takes to change a bad habit is a step in a new and different direction, Do you choose to take that step today?

Nasty Foods to Avoid at all Costs!

When a client comes to me with a question about the colon, my first question is always, “What do you put into your body?” When a mom brings in a young child who is complaining of chronic stomach pain, my question is the same, “What does he put into his body?”

We cannot heal the inside of our bodies until we deal with what we are putting into them from the outside. The food we choose will make a huge difference in how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. The healthier your food; the healthier you can feel.

Digestion is key to healing. We cannot heal with a body that does not digest properly. And food is an important step in the digestive process. If we choose to eat foods that are difficult for the body to break down, it will create stress on our digestive organs. It is really that simple.

So let’s start with the foods that are extremely difficult for the average person to digest.

In my opinion, all white sugar acts as a poison to the human body. Yes, I do realize that white sugar is in a multitude of products that are sitting on your shelf and in your refrigerator at this very moment. If you begin reading labels, you might find it in just about everything. So what is a person to do? You have two choices – you can continue to poison yourself, or you can commit to stop using white sugars in this very moment. That would be a very healthy choice to make for you and the rest of your family.

Now that you have made that commitment, what is plan B? How can one live without sugar? The truth is, you don’t have to live without sugar; you simply have to live (and very nicely I might add) without white sugars. There are a number of sugars that the body (in moderation) will break down and utilize quite nicely. The average person will do quite well with pure maple syrup, barley malt, rice malt, blue agave, stevia, and molasses. Once on the road to health, small amounts of organic cane juice crystals and sucanat can also be added for fun occasions. The truth is, we don’t have to go without, we just have to go differently.

The next line of poisons come in the form of artificial this or preservative that. As soon as I read this ingredient on a label, that product is placed back on the shelf. I have no need for it in my body if I want my liver and spleen to be healthy. Check the ingredients on the products in your cupboards. How many list a vast array of artificial stuff? If it’s not real, why are you putting it into your real body? Better yet, why are you putting it into your little sensitive children’s bodies? Don’t! It’s not good for either of you.

Hydrogenated oils do not have a bad rap, they are a bad food! Avoid them at all costs. Your gall bladder won’t have a clue what to do with them and so your body will begin to store them. Why would you want to store oils that clog your system? These nasty oils can find their way into many packages and bags. There are very few chips I can find on a supermarket shelf that I would allow into my body. The same is true for many other products including crackers and salad dressings. The list can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Read labels!

I limit the amount of cow dairy I eat because much of it is not digestible, especially the inexpensive cheese. Most of my cheese is now made from sheep or goat products which are more easily digestible to our human bodies. Once balanced and clean, however, the more aged cheese, such as Parmesano Reggiano or a nice aged cheddar or provolone may be acceptable in reasonable amounts. Buffalo mozzarella is quite digestible to our bodies as well. However, the cheaper mozzarella will play havoc with our systems.

Caffeine acts like a poison to those with sensitive bladders, kidneys and stomach. Yes, this not only includes coffee but chocolate as well, not to mention teas that include black tea, green tea and chai tea, unless they specifically say “decaf”. Those sensitive to caffeine will find it can create acidity, bloating in the lower abdomen, urinary issues and swelling in the outer extremities. And yes, it is usually these people who are sensitive to it that are most addicted to it. Aren’t we funny beings?

City water is usually ladened with some type of chemical, whether it be fluorides, rust inhibitors or chlorine, none of which I would consciously choose to put into my body. So why do we allow others to dictate to us that drinking bleach is ok? It’s not. Water is meant to flush the system and once we add a chemical to our water supply, the water can no longer do its job. That’s because now our filtration system must work to filter it first. If it has to be filtered, it cannot be flushing! So make sure you choose pure water.

Now let’s look at soda, the great American past-time. These sugar filled drinks cause tooth decay, obesity and sugar imbalances. And the sugar free versions are just as bad. Have you ever met anyone who has gotten thin drinking diet anything? Me either! So stop the soda and begin the water – pure water to help your body heal itself. If you need a little flavor try fresh lemon and pure maple syrup. It will do your body good!

That wasn’t so hard was it? Well, maybe you can’t eat anything in your house. At least you now know what you should avoid. So next time you head for the grocery store you’ll be a little more conscious of the choices you make. Each step you take in a new and different direction will help you to realize that you are worth eating the food that makes you happy and healthy. You’ll also begin to realize that food that makes you sick doesn’t really make you happy!

Urinary Problems

The kidneys and bladder speak to the emotion of "disappointments". So if we have chronic kidney and bladder problems, disappointment may be an issue that needs to be looked at. The opposite of disappointment is "acceptance". That means having no expectations. When we can live in this reality, anything that comes our way becomes a wonderful gift. However, if we have expectations and then something we expect does not come to be, we create an imbalance in our system. The truth comes down to the fact that everything is perfect just the way it is. And if we are practicing living in the moment, our energy will not be out somewhere with expectations of something that may never happen. Instead, our energy will be right where it should be - in the moment we are in experiencing everything that is.

Having said that, the physical symptoms of bladder/kidney irritation may manifest as bloating in the lower abdomen and frequent urination with our without burning. Other symptoms may be dryness of the body including the eyes, nose, lips, skin, etc. This personality type may also find they drink way too much water or not enough, as imbalance in water becomes the issue. If a kidney is involved, a person may experience back pain on the top of each hip where the kidneys lie. A person may experience this type of pain after they have been sitting or lying for any length of time.

Many times we will take this energy a step further and become resentful over the person or situation that was expected and did not manifest. This is exactly how we layer our negative states of emotion.

The most important thing you can do to help to heal your kidneys/bladder is to eliminate caffeine (which includes chocolate) from your diet. Caffeine will affect the kidneys/bladder and adrenals of the system. Many people will tell me that they "only drink one or two cups a day". For some systems, this is too much. And the only way you will know is if you get off the caffeine completely. There are other ways to stimulate the adrenals after getting off caffeine (see this section on Fatigue).

Herbs that can be helpful to a urinary system include uva ursi, juniper berry, celery seed, gravel root, hydrangea root, and parsley. Dandelion root will act as a diuretic. Some of these herbs have been documented to help dissolve kidney stones. HerbPharm makes a formula that is a tonic the kidney/bladder area called Goldenrod-Horsetail Compound. Michael's makes a formula called Kidney Factors that has proven very effective in helping to heal this area.

I also like the homeopathic remedy from Hylands called "Bladder Irritation". It can help diminish the time to heal bladder irritations greatly. Of course, the old remedy of using pure cranberry juice goes without saying. Just make sure your juice is purely cranberry which can be found at health food stores in liquid as well as capsule form.

With any infection, adding a vitamin C supplement may be helpful.

The bladder and kidneys are located in the second chakra area. This is our area that relates to our security issues such as money, jobs, family and sexuality. I have seen those who have been sexually abused often manifest chronic bladder infections later in life. As with everything, this is not 100% true, but I have seen it often enough to bring it to your attention to consider that there may be second chakra issues that have not been healed and need attention. The second chakra also deals with relationship issues. Often these personality types become co-dependent, competitive or victimized. They tend to attract unhealthy relationships.

There is not one particular flower that speaks to disappointments in life. The flowers should be considered based on the emotion that is attached to the disappointment, such as frustration, resentment, discouragement, depression, etc…

Throat Issues

The throat lies at the fifth chakra in the body. Energetically, this relates to our control center. It also relates to our ability to not only speak our truth but how our actions follow that which we say. In other words, as spiritual beings, we must not only speak our truth but live our truth day to day. The throat area can also signify a Beech personality out of balance. When I feel I am not in control of something or want to try to control something that is not mine to control, laryngitis has been a physical manifestation of this imbalance. As a Beech personality type, I become intolerant of not being able to control certain situations. The truth is, however, that none of us control anything, and my greatest lesson in this lifetime is to learn surrender, which is something I try to practice on a daily basis.

So when we are not speaking our truth or not living our truth, we may not be able to speak at all. Physical manifestations are language for us to look at an imbalance within ourselves.
For those who continuously manifest swollen glands in the throat area, remember that the glands are actually within the lymphatic system. If the lymphatic system is impaired, it represents someone who is holding on to the emotion of hate. As it is manifesting in the throat area, it is significant to begin to ask yourself if there is some issue that you hate because you cannot control it. Or you might have to ask if you are allowing someone to control you and you are hating it.

Another issue could be that there is something you are holding in your system that you hate and have not addressed. Hate does not have to be directed toward another person, although often times it may be. We can learn to hate our jobs, hate where we live, hate our financial status…. Hate comes in many shapes and sizes, but it is truly an unacceptable emotion to the spiritual being.

For teenagers who are manifesting mononucleosis (which will usually create one swollen gland), this imbalance is speaking to "hating being controlled by another" (usually parents who want to control their children). The tissue salt Silicea may be helpful to cleanse and eliminate. Silicea is used when there is pus formation, of which a swollen gland can speak loud and clear about that. Red Clover-Stillingia Compound by Herb Pharm is helpful in cleansing the lymphatic system.  Yellowdock Root is another lymphatic cleanser that can be helpful.

A sore throat that has not manifested as swollen glands is an indication of anger over control issues. Remember that anger manifests as pain, rash or infection.

As Beech is an anger flower and the throat is our Beech area, Beech just may be the right flower to take to help the problem. The Beech flower is for intolerance, easily irritated, critical and judgmental personality. And sometimes, it is ourselves that we hold this imbalance against. I find that if my throat is dry and hoarse with sneezing spells, the tissue salt Natrum Mur may help tremendously.

If the problem comes from not speaking your truth and stuffing your feelings, the flower essence Agrimony may be the proper choice as the Agrimony personality has a hard time speaking their truth so as to avoid confrontation.

If the throat is burning and red, the tissue salt Ferrum Phosphate may be very helpful. It is the tissue salt for burning and red inflammatory pain with high temperatures.

For more information on the anger flowers, link to:

Sleeping Disorders

American's suffer greatly from sleep disorders. The first thing I will always ask a client is "do you drink anything with caffeine?" The Agrimony personality type tends to be extremely sensitive to caffeine or any addictive drug. The first thing that needs to be done is to eliminate caffeine from the diet. It's understandable that this is easier said than done. Caffeine puts great stress on the adrenal glands. These glands are our energy centers and our stress centers. When caffeine becomes a way of life, it puts a great deal of stress on our energy center. Once the adrenal glands are stressed, exhaustion comes into play. It is then that the caffeine addict will continue to increase the coffee to keep the system going. It becomes a merry ground round that does not allow anyone to get off.

The adrenal glands not only give us energy throughout the day, but they help us to sleep at night. The adrenals give us the ability to handle stress. So when we burn these glands out, the body becomes totally out of balance. Although we are exhausted during the day, we cannot sleep at night. We are unable to handle stressful situations, or we create situations to be more stressful than they really are.

First and foremost, I would suggest a high potency B-complex vitamin to help stimulate the adrenals. Severe stress in our lives can imbalance our B-complex which will put the adrenals under stress almost immediately. There are a number of herbs that might also prove helpful. My first choice would be Ginseng. It comes in many forms and types. I'm not sure that one is better than another, so you might want to try one that speaks to you. Bee Pollen is helpful in getting our energy flowing. It contains every vitamin, mineral, enzyme and amino acid we need to live. So it helps us to nourish the body at every level from past abuse. Licorice is also helpful in stimulating the adrenals but holds a caution for those prone to high blood pressure as it might elevate these levels. I like to use Licorice from time to time as an energy boost, but it has never affected me in a negative manner.

In the emotional world, the adrenals hold the emotion of discouragement. Discouragement creates exhaustion. Our fast paced lives of today many times keep us in a state of discouragement. The opposite of Discouragement is Excitement. It is through excitement that the adrenals are stimulated. So in order to heal sleeplessness, excitement becomes a necessary part of each day.

There are a number of flowers I have found that are helpful for sleeplessness dependent upon the emotional state of the client.

A White Chestnut state of mind can often be a culprit for not sleeping. The White Chestnut personality has the mind that never shuts up. Old thoughts keep playing over and over like a broken record. A White Chestnut may not be able to go to sleep because of these thoughts, or they may wake in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. White Chestnut personalities often have circulatory problems that manifest themselves in the form of coldness, numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.

Agrimony is another personality type that might have sleeping problems. The agrimony does not deal with issues as they appear. They stuff their feelings and prefer to make light of situations. They may be haunted by thoughts that have been unresolved. They become the professional stuffers and usually turn to addictive behaviors to make themselves feel better including addictions to drugs, alcohol, carbohydrates, sugars, chocolate, caffeine, shopping, etc. Other manifestations of the agrimony personality may include headaches, cold sores, skin disorders, digestive disorders and eating disorders.

The Vervain personality type can also have a hard time sleeping. These personalities will be focussed on one particular issue and won't be able to let it be. Their mind will harp on this one issue and not allow the mind to calm enough to fall asleep. They have fixed ideas and principles and seem to live on their "nerves". The Vervain are "driven" and their mind is always a few steps ahead of their bodies. They take on far too much and don't leave time for rest and relaxation. This personality type becomes tired and strained.

Skin Rash

Anger manifests three ways in the physical body - as pain, as rash, as infection. Frustration is a form of anger that, when held for long periods of time within the system, may turn to skin rashes. Skin rashes come in many shapes and sizes including, psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, acne, itchy skin, etc. No matter how your body chooses to display your rash, the truth is that the manifestation is simply anger that you have stuck in your system. Frustration is stored in our liver, and frustration can lead to resentments. Resentments are stored in our spleen. Since the liver and spleen are the body's filtration systems, when one or both are under stress through overuse, the only way for the body to detoxify this anger or these poisons is through the skin. So it's not a bad thing that the body is using your skin as a filtration system. Otherwise, we would self-poison.

In order to heal skin rash, the emotion of anger must be healed. I am going to list the anger flowers below. The secret to healing anger is to transform it back to joy, love or forgiveness. This is dependent upon what caused it to begin with. When you begin to experience the vibration of the flowers, you will find that you will be able to "see" more clearly what is stored from the past in your system. Many times, this stored negative energy goes back to our childhood.

Let me take you one step further.. in truth, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. As physical beings, our truths (or who we truly are) are beings embraced by love. Anger creates an imbalance from who we are. Our spiritual self does everything possible to show us our anger through the emotional state and encourage us to come back "home" to love. But as physical beings, we have been taught to become more comfortable in our negative states of anger and so we choose to remain in that state and hold on to grudges, bitterness, resentments, etc.. However, what we have failed to realize is that we cannot put out anything to someone else that does not directly affect us personally.

When we put out anger, we receive pain, rash or infection back. The physical body is the means through which the spiritual body speaks to us. Physical symptoms are body language. Once you understand your own body language, you are now in a position to begin to heal yourself.
It is not that the skin condition is not real. It is certainly as real as any other illness we create within ourselves. However, now you can begin to look at it from a different angle.

Now you can begin to change that which the spirit is asking of you, which is to transform your anger back to joy, your impatience back to patience, your intolerance back to tolerance, your resentments back to forgiveness and your hate back to love. These are the five states of anger: anger, impatience, intolerance, resentment and hate. This knowledge that I am sharing with you has come directly from those people who I have worked with and who have experienced psoriasis or eczema and have actually healed it through the emotional/spiritual states of love and forgiveness.

Sometimes it is not easy to see ourselves for who we have become. The shift to a negative state of being occurs so gradually, that it becomes "normal" to ourselves and those around us. And although this may be considered "normal" in the physical world, it is certainly not normal in the spiritual world. Once you create the physical symptoms, now you have to help heal them as well. Along with skin rash, a body that is full of different types of angers may experience tiredness, inability to think or focus, headaches, muscle pains, colon cramps, cold sores, sinus and/or bronchial infections

Eliminating the foods that aggravate our digestive organs such as the liver, spleen, stomach and gall bladder is essential so your body can begin to heal itself. These foods are always consistently the same including fried food, hydrogenated oils, pork, cow dairy products, city water, artificial ingredients including colors, preservatives and sweeteners, oranges and orange juice as well as caffeine and chocolate as well as refined white flours and sugars. With skin rashes, I have found that the deeper cleansing herbs, such as yellow dock and burdock root capsules tend to be more effective. With severe rashes, a combination Blood Cleansing formula might be even more effective. Michael's makes one called "Blood Detoxification Formula and HerbPharm makes one called Red Clover-Stillingia.

I have also found that Vitamin D cream is helpful externally on the areas where the rash has developed. Bach Rescue Remedy Cream may also be helpful in some cases.
After you cleanse the liver/spleen you might consider Milk Thistle to begin to strengthen these body parts. Remember that the liver and spleen hold the emotions of anger and resentment. See the connection? Everything is connected. We are not separate from ourselves or from one another. The great truth that "what you do unto others, you do unto yourself" has more meaning than we know. What you put out, you get back in the physical body. How else would we pay attention? How else could our spirits speak to us?

Another great truth is, what you want for yourself, you wish for others. Because in the end, you get it back. This is energetic. Begin to think energetic and you can create anything you want in life. Think it. Speak it. Create it. It is really that simple. We just have forgotten how to practice it. And as we all know from another great truth, practice makes perfect.

The following is a listing of the flowers used for anger in the Bach flower system. Be open and honest with yourself to see how you were taught to deal with your anger. The flowers are one of the tools we can use to open up the channels so we can begin to see and eventually recreate how we deal with anger. Anger should never be stored, but instead it should be transformed back to love and forgiveness. Always begin with the flower you see in yourself at this very moment. As you heal the present, whatever is underneath from the past will begin to reveal it self to you and then you can "see" more clearly what your next step or flower might be. It is not unusual for those who manifest skin rashes to have multiple layers of anger that need to be dealt with.

The anger flowers are:

Suppress and deny true feelings.. feelings of mental torment. Anger is hidden and not addressed. The agrimony personality makes light of issues instead of facing them. They tend to become the addictive personality type using drugs, alcohol, chocolate, sugars, carbohydrates, gambling, shopping, etc. The agrimony is always looking outwardly for something to make them happy as they have not dealt with the issue of their happiness from inside.

Demand obedience or allegiance from others.. control and direct. Assertive to point of aggression.. my way or no way. Strong willed that overpowers others.

Water Violet
Aloof and socially distant.. measures others according to social status, economic background.. may not want to associate with those beneath you. Easily annoyed when working with others. Leave me alone!

Hold on to past injustices or misfortunes.. bitterness & resentment. Victim role.. always being persecuted or unfairly punished.. emotionally inflexible.. difficult to forgive others or be accepting and yielding.

Tense, irritable, easily impatient and argumentative. Take over for others, finish their sentences or complete tasks because others are too slow. Rushing ahead of experience, not able to enjoy or pay attention to the present.

Set high standard for others.. critical or judgement toward behavior & performance of others or of oneself.. must be surrounded by perfection.

Feelings of jealousy, rivalry, suspicious or vengefulness. Loss of feeling of compassion for others.. Feelings of alienation, mistrust or hostility. Struggle or compete in order to receive love or recognition, feeling it is rightfully yours.

For more information on anger flowers link at: